Die Correction or Precision Technology
EAE’s team able to manufacture die of various design complexities by using sophisticated  technologies to meet our customers’ requirements. Performing several tests ensures our customers that dies are all in accordance with prevailing high quality standards.

Anodizing Facility
Anodizing plays a vital role in manufacturing high quality aluminum as it increases corrosion resistance and extending the life of aluminum. So we also pay utmost importance to anodizing procedure and equipped with the highest grade of machineries to consistently provide high quality of aluminum that stays intact for years even in the most torrid conditions. 
In EAE, we assure you that our anodizing process will definitely give your aluminum a deeper and richer metallic appearance .

Computerized Color  Coating Facility  / Powder Coating
A highly protective of our environment,  powder coating contains no solvents and release negligible amounts, if any, VOC's into the atmosphere. These have long been recognized for excellent finish quality in appearance and performance, reasonable cost per applied square foot, and relative ease of application in many industries.

Computerized Extrusion Presses
Our computerized extrusion presses are capable of producing extrusions of various sizes. (The presses must be described particularly. Eg. Model)

Aluminum Cutting Section

Automated packaging and custom packing.